Born in 1986, she graduated from the Ecole nationale supérieure d’art – National higher school of arts of Bourges in 2009. She lives and works in Bruxelles.

In her paintings, she invites the audience to identify an implicit story. Painting here is the continuation of a thought of the person and the tensions that stir him/her up. Isolation, revolt, ambiguity and inability to communicate are big issues. Between harmony and dissonance the use of acid colors show contradictions and participate in a strange universe. In front of every canvas, we face a moment of doubt and waiting. Between drama and irony, these scenes often present a character.

Her residence project in Plessix-Madeuc is to realize works from texts written by the people of the County of Dinan. To do that, postal cards were at her disposal in town houses and local libraries and in regional book shops.  (to see the map, click here)


“Parade”, oil on paper – 220 x 149 cm

“Rideau”, oil on paper – 214 x 145 cm

“Intermède”, oil on paper – 212 x 148 cm