Sépànd DANESH was born in Teheran in 1984, he definitely left Iran when he was 12. He studied art in Paris, he got a BTS certificate in Design products then he studied at the Higher school of fine arts of Paris where he visited often the Giuseppe Penone and Philippe Cognée workshops.

« I am particularly interested in the question of the individual and social confusion. During these three months, I want to realize a new chapter of my set “Encyclopedia of imagination” that consists in a set of drawings in a 3×3 unique size that I draw within A4 pieces of paper. During the residence period, based on this set, I will paint diverse formats representing the life theater during my stay in Brittany”.


Sepand Danesh - De l'atelier - avril 2013 - 92x73

“Paysage domestique”, pigment and glue on canvas – 92 x 73 cm

migration 40x38cm 2013

“Migration”, pigment and glue on canvas – 40 x 38 cm

migration 40x40cm 2013

“Migration”, pigment and glue on canvas – 40 x 40 cm