Pauline Buzaré, Alessandro Calizza, Antoine Carbonne

With this exhibition title, the three artists at the Ateliers du Plessix-Madeuc express in their own ways the whole difficulty with being creative arists as well as their consciousness of the place they occupy in society. How can one avoid thinking of Sisyphus’s rock ? That struggle towards the summit, Camus tells us, is enough to fil an man’s heart.

The photographer and video maker Pauline Buzaré illustrates this confrontation between body and landscape to try and find an ideal refuge here.

Alessandro Calizza draws inspiration from landscapes and traditions to cause through his paintings an emotionnal impact that restores the unconscious to its rightful place.

Antoine Carbonne is fascinated by forms and buildings created by man. He is informed by the strong contrasts between the old and the new, and his painting are a reflection on the frms of memory.