Francisca Martinez, Charuwan Noprumpha, Andrés Donadio

It was never written that Francisca Martinez, Charuwan Noprumpha ans Andrés Donadio should meet, but a residency provided this oppotunity. This choice does not issue from any aesthetic intent, but it has to be said that their research is focused on light, creator of that energy which introduces carbon into the lifecycle of nature : photosynthesis. All three have a real sensitivity to the vibration which Aragon so well described :

“When the most learned of mec have taught me that light is a vibration, when they have calculated the wavelenght for me, whatever the fruit of their sensible works, they will not have described for me what matters to me in light, that little about it that my eyes teach me, what makes me different from the blind man, which is the stuff of miracles and in no way the object of reason.”

May this exhibition help us to give sensitivity back its place !