Anne-Sophie Duca, Annalisa Fulvi, Jean de Sagazan

The exhibition of the three artists in residence at the Ateliers du Plessix-Madeuc perfectly illustrates
how art is a source of questioning, discovery and revelation.

Anne-Sophie Duca absorbs traveled landscapes, transcribs them by drawing as a memory that we seek to reveal. With china ink, she writes what she perceives and weaves images where one likes to stroll, let go his imagination among light waves. Endless fields suggest the crossing, the wind and zones of oversights mark the tiny moment perceived.

Annalisa Fulvi, Milanese, is marked by the geometrization of space gived by those urban structures increasingly impressive and dominant. At Plessix-Madeuc, new forms of landscapes encountered allow her to create stagings of changing spaces.

Jean de Sagazan in his project «Zoom and shifting» blurs the spatio-temporal spaces  and the reading lists. With his work on flowing lines, contrasts between sharp and blurred parties, he suggests the displacement of the gaze. The outfield, very present in his compositions, is the scene where the action takes place.