The association « Les Ateliers du Plessix-Madeuc » has two purposes:

  • Give means to the artists to allow them to advance their researches, in a typical Breton climate.

Two sessions of three months each host young artists-painters or drawers under 35. They must present a project that they will carry out in touch with the territory.

  • 1st session from October to December: patronage by an experienced artist or a figure of the art community is demanded.
  • 2nd session from March to May

The artists can find a conducive environment to creativity in the apartments and the workshops at their disposal.

  • Favor the meeting between contemporary artists and local actors.

Such meetings are an opportunity to discover the artistic expression diversity, the commitment of the artists and to show that art witnesses a place, a time and a world.

Exchanges on the creative process demand listening and tolerance. In the business world, such an opening leads to innovations and allows thinking freely about new developments.

In this spirit, many local actions are scheduled during each session:

  • open houses exhibitions,
  • artists in residence interventions toward targeted audiences,
  • exhibitions at the end of their residences,
  • conferences and debates on contemporary art.