Sandra Schmalz, Sandra Plantiveau, Antonio Finelli

The artists in Ateliers du Plessix-Madeuc converge around one point : a reflection on time.

Sandra Plantiveau through her way of drawing an infinite number of lines to cover immense sheets of paper; Sandra Schmalz who reactivates legends ascribed to the fountains of Pays de Dinan; Antonio Finelli whose work is titled “Portaits hors du temps” (Out of time’s portraits) in which he exclusively concerns himself with old people. All three artists express, each in their own way, a desire to restore a proper place in the world for the perceptible and sensitive so as to bring about another view of the world of today. This vision, informed by a genuine listening to others, enables them to propose new paths in the search for a more balanced world – if we are willing to give up certain certainties.

“Anyway, nothing interests me more in the arts than these transitions in which I discover al the most delicate things […] whereas the Modern either ignoreor dislike them.” Paul Valéry