Alessandro Calizza

Alessandro Calizza is born in 1983. He lives and works in Rome. His works convey a kind of innocence and also the will to provoke that only few artists still dare to show … He is part of the Italian Pop Surrealist movement. We can find influences of Giorgio de Chirico and Alberto Savino in his works. His works were exposed in different exhibitions in Rome, Venice, Naples and Turin.

He is supported by Dario Morgante (Mondo Bizzarro Gallery) and Cesare Tacchi, Italian painter.

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4 La guida interna - 60x60 - acrilico su tela - 2013

“La guida interna”, acrylic on canvas – 60×60 cm

2 A certain idea of modernity (S. Sebastiano) - 200x140 - acrilico e carboncino su tela - 2013

“Une certa idea di modernita”, acrylic and charcoal on canvas – 140 x 200 cm

5 Paesaggi interiori - 60x60 - acrilico su tela - 2013

“Paesaggi interiori”, acrylic on canvas – 60×60 cm